Sunday Night Heat's 10 hottest moments

Mr. Perfect takes on Mr. Monday Night

After Mr. Perfect made his triumphant return to WWE at the 2002 Royal Rumble, the WWE Universe was dreaming of all the bouts the skilled technician could have with a new generation of Superstars. They got one of their wishes on a March 2002 edition of Sunday Night Heat, when Mr. Perfect tried to regain the Intercontinental Title from Rob Van Dam.

The crafty technician tried to keep Mr. Monday Night from taking flight, trapping him in an abdominal stretch. Though the champion tried to scale the ropes, Mr. Perfect kept him grounded for most of the bout.

Where do Mr. Perfect and RVD rank among the Top 25 Intercontinental Champions?

The WWE Hall of Famer got a little too cocky when he tried to use the ropes for leverage while pinning RVD. When the referee caught him, Perfect made the costly mistake of getting into an argument with the official. Van Dam leveled him with a spinning kick, then finally got to the top rope for a picture-perfect Five Star Frog Splash to retain his title in a thrilling bout.