Pole Position: The 10 Strangest Pole Matches of All Time

Piñata on a Pole Match – WCW Nitro: Nov. 15, 1999

Juventud Guerrera in the Pinata on a Pole Match

In a move that was not racially insensitive in any way, shape or form whatsoever, WCW brain trust Vince Russo gathered up five of the promotion’s best luchadores, gave them each sticks and put them in a match where the object was to break open a piñata on a pole with a $10,000 check inside.

If the mockery of Mexican culture wasn’t enough, whoever constructed the pole didn’t take enough care to make sure the piñata was properly secured to it. That’s why, about 20 seconds into the match, the piñata came crashing down when El Dandy was whipped into the corner, leading to a confused mess of a match, where the luchadores played hot potato with the piñata.

And if the “action” in the ring wasn’t bad enough, viewers at home were subjected to Oklahoma, WCW’s incredibly tasteless parody of WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, on commentary. Though his announcing was unwelcome, he did bring “Dr. Death” Steve Williams with him. The massive Williams destroyed the luchadores, bringing this atrocity to an abrupt end. (WATCH)