The heated rivalry between Sting and Jake “The Snake” Roberts came to a boiling point at Halloween Havoc 1992. The tension was raised even higher when the two agreed to have the stipulation of their bout decided as part of “Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal.” Twelve unique matches were placed on the wheel for Sting to spin.

WCW fans buzzed at the brutal matches on the wheel that they might get to see that night. Would it be an “I Quit” Match or a sadistic Barbed Wire Match? A Steel Cage Match? Maybe a Texas Death Match? No. When Sting spun the wheel on that fateful evening, it landed on the obscure Coal Miner’s Glove Match, leaving fans to wonder what the main event had in store for them.

They may have been slightly disappointed when they saw a pole attached to one ring post, then watched as a leather glove with a chain wrapped around it was placed atop the post. The Stinger and “The Snake” brawled all around ringside, trying to prevent each other from reaching the glove. After a wild fight, Sting reached the glove first, but as he climbed down the pole, Cactus Jack tossed Roberts his cobra. While he prepared it to strike, Sting nailed him from behind with the glove and into the venomous reptile’s bite. The Stinger emerged victorious from one of WCW’s most unusual bouts. (WATCH)