Pole Position: The 10 Strangest Pole Matches of All Time

The ladder match is one of the most exciting bouts in all of sports-entertainment. The race to climb to the top rung and grab the prize, whether it be a title, Money in the Bank briefcase or something else, provides the WWE Universe with enough thrilling dives and vicious slams to last a lifetime.

However, much like our own families, the Ladder Match has that one strange relative no one really likes to acknowledge. It’s somewhat similar, but its peculiarities make the bout the butt of jokes everywhere. It requires competitors to utilize their climbing skills, but on a different apparatus, reaching for objects slightly less desirable than a championship. The “(insert object here) on a Pole Match” has been the squared circle equivalent of an embarrassing uncle for decades, forcing Superstars to shimmy up a steel pole to grab objects like piñatas, leather jackets and, in one bizarre case, someone’s mom.

While it hasn’t produced all-time classic matches like its ladder counterpart, the Pole Match has created some of the most unusual encounters in sports-entertainment history. Join WWEClassics.com in reliving 10 of the strangest Pole Matches ever. (PHOTOS | VIDEO PLAYLIST)