The first time WWE went extreme: Inside the infamous Madison Square Garden Alley Fight

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April 07, 2014

“My attitude going into the match was that I had everything to gain and nothing to lose,” Slaughter said.  The combatants went after each other with a vengeance, never letting up when they could get offense in. Patterson had an idea of how he could get an advantage early on, though, taking his belt off and relentlessly strapping Slaughter across his back. Patterson’s vicious attack whipped the Garden into a frenzy.

“I made sure that I had a belt around my waist so if I needed to use it I would,” Patterson said. “And I did.”

So did Slaughter. After turning things back in his favor, Slaughter ripped Patterson’s shirt off. In the process, he was able to wrest the belt away and use it to his advantage. Sarge was now the aggressor, making mincemeat out of Patterson.

“I felt that, at that point, Pat was vulnerable and that it was my time to amp it up and close it out,” Slaughter revealed.

Sgt. Slaughter photosWatch Patterson and Slaughter's brawl one month prior

It didn’t quite happen that way.

The turning point of the match came when a groggy Patterson catapulted Slaughter into the ring post. Sarge hit it dead on, and suffered a severe laceration to his forehead. He was soon wearing the proverbial “crimson mask.”

“I could not believe how red he was,” said Patterson. “But with no referee, the fight could not be stopped. I told myself I was going to pounce like a cat and finish him off.”

Despite his gory injury, Slaughter actually looked to get stronger, and began fighting on pure adrenaline.

“Even though I was getting beat, I felt like a cat with nine lives. I kept on coming,” Slaughter recalled. “But Pat then took off his cowboy boot and nailed me with it right on the head.”

Slaughter had an equalizer, in the form of a concealed pair of brass knuckles. He was able to connect on Patterson one time, but because of the state he was in, could not capitalize.

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