The Rock and John Cena: a lifetime in WWE

The Rock's first title win (Feb. 13, 1997)

The Rock's battles with Triple H during The McMahon-Helmsley Era defined WWE at the turn of the new millennium. In February 1997, on a special edition of Raw dubbed "Thursday Raw Thursday," a rookie Rocky Maivia battled Hunter Hearst Helmsley in the first of their many encounters, and it was for the Intercontinental Championship. In an astounding turn of events, The Connecticut Blueblood set up for a Pedigree, but the challenger executed a stunning reversal and locked in an inside cradle to win his first title in WWE, only three months after his debut. After the bout, Rocky celebrated his victory as the youngest Intercontinental Champion in history by addressing the WWE Universe – one of the first instances in which the catchphrase king spoke on the mic. (WATCH)

It would not be the last time the two ring icons clashed for the Intercontinental Title. Their Ladder Match at 1998's SummerSlam catapulted both Superstars to main-event status. (WATCH)