Raw is WCW: The most awkward match ever

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July 03, 2013

As soon as the match began, the capacity crowd in Washington State’s Tacoma Dome instantly lost interest.

“We went out there and, of course, it was very, very awkward,” Booker said. “It was the first time I ever got the ‘boring’ chant and I was taken aback.”

But why wasn’t the crowd of more than 20,000 fans interested in witnessing such an historic moment? Perhaps it was because these were WWE fans, not WCW fans.

“I think the fans were looking at us as the invaders, as the bad guys,” Booker theorized. “They didn’t like the south, as far as what WCW represented. It was only fitting for them to support the WWE guys over the WCW guys.”

“Why wouldn’t you perceive them to be the villains?” Ross questioned. “They were playing for the other team.”

With the audience turned against him, Booker had the unenviable task of putting on a good match while trying to get a WWE crowd on his side — all while standing in a WCW ring.

Watch the most awkward match of all time in its entirety

“I was just trying to get as much as I could out of Buff,” the then-WCW Champion recalled. “I did the best that I possibly could, but I was pretty much on my own. I’ve known Bagwell for years. I knew him when he was a bright-eyed kid, excited about the [wrestling] business when he first got in. All the way back to when he was The Handsome Stranger in the Global Wrestling Federation, but he wasn’t capable of putting on a good enough match to impress anybody that night.”

WWEClassics.com attempted to reach Mr. Bagwell for this story, but the former five-time WCW Tag Team Champion declined to comment.

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