13 'Paul Heyman Guys'

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin

The right guy in the right place at the right time, and I get all the credit for it. Wow. If you listen to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and I always do, it makes me want to be a “Paul Heyman Guy.” I managed Steve during our Dangerous Alliance days in WCW in 1991-'92, and even wrote an article for the WCW Magazine back then proclaiming Steve was going to be the biggest star in the industry by the end of the decade. I didn’t have a crystal ball. I wasn’t a modern-day Nostradamus. It didn’t even point to me being some brilliant assessor of talent. Where all others were blind, I was fortunate to simply see!

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When Steve came to ECW, his head was so filled with WCW’s backward mentality, he couldn’t think straight. I know Steve loves to give me credit for helping him “find ‘Stone Cold’ within himself,” but the fact is Steve was going to become the biggest star in pro wrestling history no matter what. All he needed was just one moment in time to prove it to every wrestling fan, everybody in upper management, and (most importantly) to himself. I just happened to be the one that was blessed enough to afford him the opportunity to find himself. The wildest thing about it is that he found himself while on camera.

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If you look in Steve’s eyes during those legendary interviews in ECW, you noticed that somewhere during those interviews, he himself realized that he was indeed going to become The Best in the World. Hey, that sounds a bit familiar, doesn’t it? “Oh hell yeah!”