13 'Paul Heyman Guys'

Brock Lesnar

I know everyone is looking for a sinister conspiracy that Brock and I must have about taking over the WWE Universe, but the truth of the matter is that (and as unpopular as this is for me to say and you to read), we’re just the best of friends. Period.

Sorry, folks. I know how envious you all must be of the fact I am included in the inner circle of a truly reclusive individual, but I can proudly state with no fear of contradiction, I’m Brock Lesnar’s confidante.

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When Brock debuted in WWE in 2002, I was both his on-air “agent” (I just can’t bring myself to use the old school term “manager”) and his behind-the-scenes producer. In working so closely with each other, we found that despite our different backgrounds, this once-in-a-lifetime athlete who grew up on a dairy farm in Webster, S.D., had an awful lot in common with the smart aleck son of a Jewish personal injury attorney from New York. As ambitious as the two of us were (both individually and together), our priorities were exactly the same. No matter what, our children came first.

Based on that common mindset, Brock and I forged a friendship that lasted even after we both were gone from WWE, and through Brock’s legendary run in UFC. We even wrote a book together about his life and enjoy, to this day, a friendship that transcends the WWE Universe.

I recently said I’ve been riding Brock Lesnar’s coattails for 10 years. You can judge for yourself whether I was kidding. Either way, I can honestly tell you it’s been one hell of a ride!

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