Matches that didn't take place in a ring

Mankind vs. Undertaker — Boiler Room Brawl: SummerSlam, Aug. 18, 1996

Before he adopted the goofy charm of a lovable uncle, Mankind was the type of creep who would hang out in the basements of arenas and carry on conversations with a rat he named George. It was down in the bowels where the deranged Superstar developed his signature match — the Boiler Room Brawl.

A physical, no holds barred fight that favored Mankind’s ruthless style, the bout’s sole objective was to escape, as the first Superstar who made it out of the cellar would be declared the winner. Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy faced Undertaker, Big Show and Triple H in the four Boiler Room Brawls in WWE history, winning two. Not to be outdone, WCW debuted its own version of the bout, which they dubbed “The Block.” Only, instead of the legendary Mick Foley, hirsute kung fu master Jerry Flynn was the man lurking in the concrete dungeon. (PHOTOS)