Matches that didn't take place in a ring

Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock — Dungeon Match: Fully Loaded: In Your House, July 26, 1998

It doesn’t look like much in photographs — just some dusty floor mats, old wood paneling and a few rusted weights — but the corner room in Stu Hart’s basement is as integral a part of wrestling history as New York City’s Madison Square Garden. Dubbed “The Dungeon” by those who were able to walk out of it, this humid little gym in the Hart family mansion was the training ground of Bret “Hit Man” Hart, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and countless other ring greats who learned the dangerous techniques of mat wrestling at the powerful hands of the grizzled vet.

The infamous Dungeon played host to its only televised match in July 1998 when Owen Hart battled his rival Ken Shamrock in a Submission Match with fighting champion Dan Severn serving as guest referee. A unique and physical battle, the bout saw both competitors using the solid walls and stiff floors to their advantage as they walloped each other’s heads against the unforgiving structure. In the end, though, it was the underhanded Owen who persevered after clobbering Shamrock with a dumbbell.