All aboard the Lex Express with Lex Luger

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July 03, 2013

WWECLASSICS.COM: Once you landed, were you worried that you’d fail to lift Yokozuna and blow the whole Lex Express tour before it ever started?

LUGER: It was kind of nerve-wracking to think this was live. We didn’t have a do-over. I was trying to focus on that when I slid in the ring, but the cowboy boots I had on were worn on the bottoms and I felt like I was on roller skates on the mat. I had no footing! I was scared to death. You ever see those cartoons with The Road Runner where the refrigerator lands on top of Wile E. Coyote and he’s flattened like an ink spot? That’s what I pictured as Yokozuna came staggering out of the corner. 

Watch Luger slam Yokozuna aboard the USS Intrepid

WWECLASSICS.COM: You pulled it off.

LUGER: I looked so excited after he got slammed, because I was so relieved! That was a combination of relief and excitement.

WWECLASSICS.COM: Hulk Hogan’s WWE run was coming to an end at the time and you were being positioned as WWE’s next great patriot. Did you feel like you were filling in for The Hulkster?

LUGER: I don’t think anybody would want to be the next Hogan — there will only ever be one of him. I was definitely excited about the tour and SummerSlam coming up. I didn’t know where it would lead, but it was definitely an exciting time for me.

WWECLASSICS.COM: Do you remember the first stop on the Lex Express tour?

LUGER: We went right out of Stamford, CT, to some gigantic hardware store just outside of Boston and more than 6,000 people showed up. They had me sign autographs for three or four hours and then I had to shake the rest of the people’s hands, because they had to get me to the next city. It was an incredible turnout.

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WWECLASSICS.COM: You did autograph signings all over the country during your tour. Did they all blur together or do any of them stand out?

LUGER: We were in Denver one time and they had people lined up to get my autograph all around the Toys"R"Us store. Denver can get hot in the summer, believe it or not, and it was like 101 degrees. They had to call emergency services and bring these gigantic coolers of ice water so people wouldn’t get dehydrated and pass out.

WWECLASSICS.COM: You couldn’t hide on the Lex Express. Were you constantly hearing it from people on the highway?

LUGER: Oh, yeah, honking, waving and some even gave me the one-finger salute. We got all kinds of reactions.

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