Kofi Kingston visits WWE's secret warehouse

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December 19, 2012

1991's “WrestleFest" arcade game

Kofi Kingston’s first stop upon entering the WWE warehouse? The arcade games, of course.

There are three classic cabinets lined up and ready to play in the building, including WWE’s first official arcade release, 1989’s “Superstars.” But Kingston made a deliberate beeline for that game’s follow-up, 1991’s “WrestleFest.”

“I wasted so many quarters on this game at the Bowl-O-Drome,” Kofi laughed. “I remember running out of money and then coming back the very next week and doing the very same thing. They got a lot of money out of me for ‘WrestleFest’!”

Indeed, for those WWE fans that grew up in the early ’90s, memories of mashing “WrestleFest’s” buttons in a crowded Chuck E. Cheese are nearly universal. The four-player game, which was produced by the now-defunct Japanese developer Technos, improved upon the sound and graphics of “Superstars” and expanded the roster to include Mr. Perfect, Earthquake and Demolition. At the time, that level of quality just wasn’t available on home consoles like Nintendo, but in 2012, more than two decades after its initial release, “WrestleFest” was remade by THQ as a handheld game for iOS devices.

“Back in the day, you needed to have a big [cabinet] like this to have a game like ‘WrestleFest.’ Now I can pull it out of my pocket and play it on the touch screen,” WWE’s self-proclaimed “video game king” told WWE Classics. “It’s crazy how far we’ve come.”

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