Kofi Kingston visits WWE's secret warehouse

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December 19, 2012

Kofi Kingston has boldly gone where no WWE Superstar has gone before.

OK, that’s not necessarily true, but Raw’s resident highflier did go somewhere really cool. In early December, the WWE Classics team invited Kofi to join us on a rare trip inside WWE’s top-secret warehouse. Situated in an undisclosed location somewhere along the eastern seaboard, the sprawling compound could best be described as a Costco filled with nothing but fascinating pieces of sports-entertainment history. Along the warehouse’s endless aisles and towering shelves, we’ve discovered everything from the oversized fist from the old SmackDown set to a golden scepter Kurt Angle carried around after winning the 2000 King of the Ring Tournament. (PHOTOS)

What did Kofi Kingston discover inside WWE’s wrestling wonderland? Take a trip inside the warehouse with The Wildcat and find out. Just no flash photography, please.

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