The kids from OVW that changed WWE

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December 04, 2013


Before he became The Animal, Batista was a different kind of beast. He arrived in OVW with a demonic glare in his eyes and sharp fangs that intimidated anyone in his path. It was easy to see why the monster then called Leviathan had the nicknames “Demon of the Deep” and “Guardian of the Gates of Hell.”

No OVW wrestler could fell the giant. Leviathan went undefeated from the moment he entered an OVW ring until he encountered Kane at OVW’s Christmas Chaos event in January 2001. Even then, it took two Chokeslams from The Big Red Monster, as well as a Stunner from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to put the “Demon of The Deep” down for the three-count.

Leviathan regrouped from the end of his undefeated streak and won the OVW Heavyweight Championship that November. He dominated until he collided with The Prototype (aka John Cena) in February 2002. After he was dethroned, Leviathan ditched his demonic persona, joining up with Reverend D-Von’s ministry in WWE. The rechristened Deacon Batista took up the collection box for a short time before breaking out on his own, turning his animalistic tendencies into a rage that brought him the World Heavyweight Title.

Watch Batista win the OVW Heavyweight Championship

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