The kids from OVW that changed WWE

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December 04, 2013

John Cena

John Cena was a can’t-miss prospect. After a year of training in California, the bodybuilder was signed to a developmental deal by WWE in 2001 and sent down to Louisville for further seasoning.  After his arrival in Ohio Valley Wrestling, Cena joined forces with Rico, who was trying to be a role model for the fans. Rico dubbed the ripped Cena, then known as The Prototype, “The Perfect Man.”

While the people of Kentucky didn’t take to Rico and Cena’s condescension, there was no doubting the pair’s success. They captured the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles and dominated the division for a good portion of 2001.

After Rico left to become the personal stylist to Billy and Chuck, Cena flourished on his own. “The Perfect Man” became the perfect champion, winning the OVW Heavyweight Title in early 2002. But Cena’s reign would be short-lived, as he was called up to WWE’s main roster and went on to lead the company into the next decade.

Watch Cena take on Randy Orton in OVW

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