Inside The Dungeon of Doom: Kevin Sullivan on wrestling's wackiest group

The Master

The first member of The Dungeon of Doom wasn’t Kevin Sullivan, it was The Master. Sitting on a throne in The Dungeon as if he was some kind of demonic king, The Master called for Sullivan to come find him and transformed him into The Taskmaster. He was portrayed by King Curtis Iaukea, a legendary journeyman and a former World Tag Team Champion alongside WWE Hall of Famer Baron Mikel Scicluna. He and Sullivan had previously worked together in Eddie Graham’s Championship Wrestling from Florida territory, where Sullivan created The Army of Darkness – a predecessor to The Dungeon of Doom.

Watch Kevin Sullivan run through the woods to find The Master

TASKMASTER’S TAKE: One of the first wrestling videos ever was where I brought Mark Lewin, The Purple Haze, in from the ocean. We did it on a beach in Florida and Curtis narrated over it. King Curtis was one of the top ten talkers of all time. He was an orator from UCLA. He was a smart man and was so eerie looking with a head that looked like his brains just sitting out there and was 450 pounds. He looked like Jabba the Hutt.