Inside The Dungeon of Doom: Kevin Sullivan on wrestling's wackiest group

"The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan

WWECLASSICS.COM: So it was your idea for Hogan to go Hollywood and join The nWo, and the Dungeon of Doom was your way of convincing him?

SULLIVAN: When Hogan joined The nWo, he stayed at my house the night before, because people were trying to talk him out of it. I wouldn’t let him leave my sight. I drove him to the arena right before the run in [at Bash at the Beach 1996]. That really was the cherry on top, because I had [Kevin] Nash, [Scott] Hall and The Kid [Sean Waltman]. When Hogan joined, it looked like WWE against WCW. But to get Hogan to turn, I needed to get his trust.

WWECLASSICS.COM: Where was that Dungeon of Doom set built and where did you shoot those crazy vignettes?

SULLIVAN: The set was built in Tampa at a place where they shot local commercials. We were there for a total of five days, because we were wrestling at Universal Studios at the time and coming back over at night shooting in Tampa. We had about 10 vignettes in the can before The Giant broke out of the wall, and then I didn’t need the set anymore. We could just do the interviews anywhere. I tried to take it as far to the right as I could, because on the left-hand side I was doing a best-of-seven series with [Eddie] Guerrero and [Dean] Malenko.

WWECLASSICS.COM: When you look back at The Dungeon of Doom today, does it seem too over-the-top and wacky?

SULLIVAN: Absolutely. That was the goal.

WWECLASSICS.COM: Do you have any regrets of how The Dungeon of Doom period unfolded?

SULLIVAN: A lot of people say The Dungeon of Doom was horrible. It might have been tongue in cheek, but on Nitro against The Four Horsemen, we did a 4.4 rating. WWE fans who tuned in to see those characters, whether it was John Tenta [aka Earthquake] as The Shark, Big Boss Man as Big Bubba Rogers or Jimmy Hart.