Inside The Dungeon of Doom: Kevin Sullivan on wrestling's wackiest group

"The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan

WWECLASSICS.COM: Where did the idea for The Dungeon of Doom come from?

KEVIN SULLIVAN: To me, it was tongue in cheek. The reason why I did it is at that time was I needed to get [Hulk] Hogan to trust me. I saw quite early that the clientele and fanbase had changed and Hogan couldn’t fit into that style of wrestling at the time with the other guys who could really move in WCW. I wanted Hogan to feel comfortable with me. I asked myself, “What would Vince do?”

WWECLASSICS.COM: Was The Dungeon of Doom your way of recreating Hulkamania in WCW?

SULLIVAN: Hogan had wrestled these really big characters like Zeus and Big Boss Man, so I thought it would be easy for him to wrestle people he was comfortable with and end up ripping his shirt off, standing in the middle of the ring and posing.

Watch Sullivan become The Taskmaster inside The Dungeon of Doom

WWECLASSICS.COM: Was the group only going to be filled with Hogan’s previous adversaries from the start?

SULLIVAN: I was going to have The Giant – who had never wrestled before – wrestle Hogan. I was trying to figure out a way to put an impact in this thing. We did these vignettes where we said it was “etched in stone” and The Giant came through the wall. I kept daring Hogan to come to my lair.

WWECLASSICS.COM: With the fanbase of WCW changing, was The Dungeon of Doom a last-ditch effort to save Hogan's status as WCW's top hero?

SULLIVAN: It was a means to an end. I knew Hogan was being booed. I knew when I saw The nWo, it was the best chance anybody had to turn Hogan. I said, “You gotta trust me.” And he did. I [agree with] Satchel Paige. “Don’t look back. Something may be gaining on you.” You can’t change the past. The end justified the means, so in that way, it worked.