Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

1997: A Demonic Debut at Badd Blood

Throughout 1997, Paul Bearer, who had been spurned by his longtime ally The Undertaker, warned The Phenom that his brother Kane, once thought to be dead, was indeed alive. Undertaker burned down his parents’ funeral home, with Kane presumably inside. Bearer revealed that The Deadman’s brother was furious with him and would be arriving soon. Undertaker, refusing to believe Bearer, went on about his business, continuing his pursuit of the WWE Championship.

The Phenom took on Shawn Michaels in the inaugural Hell in a Cell Match at Badd Blood: In Your House. He looked to have HBK ready for the Tombstone Piledriver when the lights went out. The strains of an ominous organ echoed through the darkened Kiel Center, now Scottrade Center, in St. Louis arena before a gloating Bearer led out a masked monster clad in red. The WWE Universe watched in awe as the beast called Kane ripped the Cell door clean off the hinges and climbed into the ring to stare down his estranged brother. (WATCH)

The Undertaker was astounded at his brother’s appearance. He was frozen in place as The Big Red Monster raised his arms and brought them down forcefully, summoning fire from the ring posts. As Kane floored his brother with a Tombstone of his own, neither The Phenom nor the WWE Universe knew what Bearer and his deranged charge had in store for the future.