John Cena's 50 greatest matches

#22 John Cena vs. Triple H: Night of Champions 2008 (June 29, 2008)

The Cenation leader was in a unique predicament heading into Night of Champions in July 2008. WWE Champion Triple H had been sent to SmackDown in that year’s WWE Draft, meaning that the red brand would be without a world champion if Cena did not beat The Game in their showdown. Cena had defeated Triple H once before, forcing him to tap out at WrestleMania 22, but things were different this time. The Cenation Commander-in-Chief was the challenger and he had the added pressure of bringing the championship back to Monday nights.

Luckily for Cena, The Game was hobbled early after landing awkwardly on his knee, which gave the Raw Superstar a target. He went to work on The Cerebral Assassin’s leg, trapping him in multiple STFs. Triple H refused to tap out this night, though, getting back to his feet and regaining control of the match. Cena fought out of The Game’s submission hold and attempted to deliver an Attitude Adjustment, but Triple H elbowed his way out and laid out Cena with a Pedigree to retain the title and even the score. (WATCH FULL MATCH)