John Cena's 50 greatest matches

#29 John Cena vs. Eddie Guerrero: SmackDown (Sept. 11, 2003)

Cena’s had his sights set on the United States Title from the second he entered WWE. He quickly drew the ire of champion Eddie Guerrero in the summer of 2003. Guerrero, ready to put the rookie in his place, challenged him to a Latino Heat Parking Lot Brawl.

Surrounded by a circle of cars and the SmackDown roster, Cena brought the fight to Latino Heat, viciously tossing him through a windshield and going after him with all sorts of weapons, including a lawnmower. However, the Guerrero mantra of “lie, cheat, steal” proved to be the difference, as Eddie’s nephew Chavo clocked Cena with a trash can lid. That set Eddie up for the Frog Splash on the hood of a car for the victory. (WATCH) While not his proudest moment, Cena definitely learned a lesson that would stick with him throughout his WWE career — watch your back.