Jim Ross discusses his broadcast partnership with Jerry Lawler

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September 04, 2012

Jim Ross reflects on his broadcast partnership with Jerry "The King" Lawler.

I’ve always said that Jerry was the most talented of our team and it’s true. I did the prep work and made sure the nuts and bolts of the broadcast were in place. Maybe, on occasion, “The King” and I would casually discuss a couple of highline, bullet points of the show. We never rehearsed or planned lines to say to one another, so what you heard from us was spontaneous adlibs, for better or for worse.

Jerry strongly disliked doing prep work and I embraced it, so I did the preparation and “King” tuned in to what info I provided and put his own unique and creative spin to it.

It worked. I will egotistically say that our commentary played some role in WWE coming out on top of the Monday Night War. I get that “The play's the thing,” as Shakespeare said, but try watching some of those spirited Monday night broadcasts with the sound on mute. I’ll stop now before I break my arm patting myself and “The King” on the back.

We rode to the arena and back to the hotel together hundreds of times it seems. Jerry always liked to drive and I rode shotgun. The radio would usually be on an oldies station, classic rock or even sports talk occasionally.

I’ve heard Jerry do mini concerts while driving, especially when the music of The Beatles or a handful of other “British Invasion” bands aired. Hearing Jerry Lawler sing with a British accent is quite an experience.

Jerry always rented the vehicle, drove and had command of the radio, but we had the same taste in music so it really didn’t matter. 

Our go-to place for lunch while on the road was Cracker Barrel. I bought. Always. However, if we found the occasional KFC Buffet along an interstate highway, that would trump the always dependable Cracker Barrel. For two country boys — Jerry from Tennessee and me from Oklahoma — to be able to eat all the fried chicken we could hold was just too good to be true when one was in a chicken-eating mood.

Of course, we both love BBQ, especially with Jerry being from Memphis, Tenn., and we’ve enjoyed many a great BBQ meal at a variety of places around the country. And we always have “Q” when I’m in Memphis. “The King” keeps plenty of J.R.’s products in the pantry of his palatial estate in Memphis. Plus, I slip him a bag of J.R.’s Beef Jerky whenever I see him.

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