Jim Ross rides with The Four Horsemen

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March 14, 2012

Jim Ross comments on The Four Horsemen and their Hall of Fame induction.

This version of The Horsemen had the amazing ability to make average talents look good and good talents look great. When any formation of this Horsemen group got in the ring with great talents, the results made memories that would last a lifetime. Flair vs. Rhodes? Magic. (WATCH) Flair vs. Steamboat? Magic. (WATCH) Flair vs. Terry Funk? Magic. (WATCH)

I challenge you to name one main event bout that Barry Windham had during his Horsemen years that didn’t deliver. I sure can’t. (WATCH)

Double A and Tully’s battles with the great attraction-oriented tag teams such as The Road Warriors did as much to build the legacy of LOD as anything Hawk or Animal did against all their opponents combined. Arn and Tully’s tag bouts with great, pure wrestling teams such as The Midnight Express were tag team gold and the match quality more than holds up today. (WATCH)

The Horsemen lived The Horsemen lifestyle 24/7 perhaps to the chagrin of family, friends and their doctors. The grind that they engaged in was nonstop, including the raucous times that they had away from the squared circle.

Again, I didn’t have to Google this info — I lived it for a time with them after Jim Crockett Promotions bought the UWF from Bill Watts. I’ve been told, jokingly, that I likely lost a year or two off my life from attempting to follow The Horsemen and their lifestyle. However, at the time I wouldn’t have traded places with anyone in the world — as best I recall. 

I’ve ridden hundreds of miles in Horsemen-provided limos and private airplanes and spent many sleepless nights in establishments around the world just trying to keep up with the socializing lifestyle of one of the most dynamic factions that ever existed in sports-entertainment. Luckily for me, I was single at the time, because whenever I would leave The Horsemen’s company, I needed a few days of sleep to recover. 

I’ve been present when “Naitch” and the boys walked into a hotel bar and ordered trays of drinks for everyone present — usually kamikazes as Ric never was one for dark beverages — and proceeded to take over an entire establishment. People who might not have known The Four Horsemen before the party certainly did when the party was over, which was usually around sun up.

The Horsemen once counted how many people were in a hotel bar — the number was 137 by the way — and proceeded to order 137 kamikazes for everyone, whether the patrons were imbibing that evening or not. Don’t ask me how I can remember the number 137, but for some reason it’s stuck with me all these years.

The amazing aspect of this group is that after a long night of recreation, they would rise early, hit the gym and hit it hard to get ready to start all over again. Then, that night, no matter where it was or who it was against, The Horsemen would go out and steal the show while putting on a clinic.

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