Inside WWE's massive video vault

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June 21, 2013

WWE owns, quite simply, the largest library of professional wrestling content in the world.

Since buying out WCW in 2001, the titan of sports-entertainment has acquired the tape libraries of major promotions, including ECW, AWA, World Class Championship Wrestling, Championship Wrestling from Florida, Smoky Mountain Wrestling and many others. But who is responsible for curating this priceless collection? How is it organized and stored?

Check out photos of The Fink and taking a trip deep inside the library

Bryan Staffaroni is WWE’s Director of Media Technology. In this role, he is responsible for the massive undertaking of digitally archiving each and every match that WWE owns.

“Whether it was a WCW Nitro episode or some MSG show from back in the day – if it aired, we ingested it in that project,” Staffaroni explained.

As WWE’s Director of Asset Management, George Germanakos oversees the content of what is currently owned, while also keeping an eye on what independent libraries WWE might be interested in acquiring in the future.

“When someone in the company is looking for a certain piece of footage, they’ll come to me,” Germanakos said. “Whether it is years, dates, venues, names, whatever they need. Call my department up and we’ll get that information and that footage.”

Together, these two men allow the WWE Universe to consume rare wrestling footage and also provide the information needed for historical video packages seen on WWE programming today. On a rainy June day, and WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel were given a tour of WWE’s top-secret tape library and storage facility. Join us to discover what we found inside.

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