To Hell and back: The oral history of Foley's famous fall

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October 24, 2014

SLAUGHTER: The fall through the top of the cell was scarier. It looked like [Mick] had more control over that first fall. I saw that he was moving. I thought he was actually laughing, so I said, “Chain up the doors.” The rules of the Hell in a Cell Match are once the competitors are inside the cell, the doors are locked.

WWE.COM: Were you torn at all about making that decision?

SLAUGHTER: I did what I was supposed to do. Those were the rules. That’s what the people came to see. It’s not an “On Top of a Hell in a Cell” match. It’s a Hell in a Cell Match. It took them 10 minutes to get the damned match started inside of the cell. I think The Undertaker and Mick Foley would have cursed me for life if I stopped that match or if I would have not done everything that was supposed to be done for that match. I think they respected me for that. I think it actually gave it more impact when they put the camera on me chaining [the door]. It made me look like a bad guy, but that was my job. I wanted to do the way it was supposed to be.

WWE.COM: Did The Undertaker say anything to you?

SLAUGHTER: The Undertaker was stunned by what was going on. Nobody’s out there to try to cripple anybody, but his hands were on Mick Foley when he went off of the cage and when he went through the cage. He kept on making sure that Mick was okay. I’d hear his voice every once in a while, “Are we continuing? Are we continuing?” I’d give him a look and I wouldn’t have to say yes or no. He would just see it in my eyes.

WWE.COM: Tim, what did you do when Mick fell through the roof of the cell?

WHITE: When The Undertaker got back into the ring, he looked very, very concerned and he said, "Go see if he’s breathing."

WWE.COM: At one point, Mick said something to you about the tacks, right?

WHITE: Yes, he said to me, “Get the tacks.” And later, when I counted the one, two, three, it took about an hour to get all the thumbtacks out of my arm. Let me just say this, I was so relieved when it was over.

WWE.COM: Mick, did you know you wanted to use the thumbtacks after the fall?

FOLEY: I had planned to use them at some point, yeah. I don’t think they had even been used in the U.S. before. If so, maybe on one other occasion. It’s not something you usually keep under the ring – a bag of 10,000 tacks.

WWE.COM: What were some of the conversations you had after the match backstage?

FOLEY: Following the match, Mr. McMahon came up to me and said, “You have no idea how much I appreciate what you’ve just done for this company, but I never want to see anything like that again.” Referee Mike Chioda told me that a stretcher was coming to get me after the match. I asked him if I had already been on a stretcher that night. When he said, “Yes,” I told him that I couldn’t be on two stretchers in one evening. I don’t know where I got that edict from.  I don’t remember my dad sitting me down telling me, “Only one stretcher a night for a Foley.” I also asked if I had used thumbtacks in my match and someone pointed out that I had about 100 of them stuck in my shoulder.

SLAUGHTER: I remember when we brought him backstage, we laid him out on a big table in an office. We started pulling the thumbtacks out of his hands, arms, legs and the bottoms of his boots. He needed to go to the hospital. He finally got up on his own, walked into the EMT wagon and went off to the hospital.

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