To Hell and back: The oral history of Foley's famous fall

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October 24, 2014

WWE.COM: Sarge, what was going through your mind when Mankind was thrown off the cell?

SLAUGHTER: My hands went up in the air and I said, “Oh my God.” I heard this thunderous crush. It was hard to explain the noise. It was kind of quiet at first. Terry Funk came down and started taking away some of the announce table off of Foley. Then I saw a few referees and Mr. McMahon came down and I thought, “This is not good.” It looked as if he had separated his left shoulder. So I said, “We’ll raise the cage so that we can get some of the medical stuff out there,” and I completely forgot Undertaker was still on top of the cage.

WWE.COM: It was your call to raise the cage?

SLAUGHTER: Yeah. We had to get the medical equipment in there and we had to get the cage up for them to get around. His shoulder was bad, so I said, “Let’s get him to the back.” We started wheeling Mick back and the cage started coming back down.

WHITE: When [The Undertaker] tossed Mankind off the top of the cell through the table, my heart was racing. I was worried about the guy. As the referee, if someone’s injured, you’ve got to stop it, no matter what.  When I got over by Mick, he said, “I’m good to go,” so the match continued. My heart was racing the whole time. My heart was racing the whole time. I was like the people that were in the arena and the people watching it on pay-per-view, speechless and breathless.

WWE.COM: Mick, those in the WWE locker room seem to appreciate the second fall – the one through the roof of the cell – a bit more than the first. What made that one so much worse?

FOLEY: My vision did not include the cage breaking. I know that’s been up for debate for 16 years. The greatest blessing of that match is that it’s the only time in my entire history of matches with The Undertaker that I did not get height on the chokeslam. Had I taken a textbook choke slam, I don’t think I would be talking to you now. I would have landed on my neck or my head in the ring. And believe me, I think it would have been the end of my career. Instead, for whatever reason, I took the lamest chokeslam, but it was the one that allowed me to land on my back. It knocked me out cold, but it didn’t end my career as I believe a different type of chokeslam would have.

KANE: Everyone was holding their breath, waiting to see if Mick was okay.

JBL: We all thought Mankind was hurt bad, but we had no idea how bad. To me, the match was over once he went through the cell. We were incredulous. Absolutely incredulous.

WWE.COM: Did you feel for what Mick was going through?

JBL: If you’ve been injured a lot, like most of us have, you knew how bad he’s hurt. You know when a guy’s knocked out like that, you can’t do much. We figured the match would have to end and when it didn’t, that was pretty remarkable.

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