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July 19, 2013

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin — Chaos Comics, 1999

We here at like to imagine that the things “Stone Cold” Steve Austin did in his self-titled comic book are actually what The Texas Rattlesnake did in his downtime away from the squared circle. The four-issue miniseries featured Austin wandering into a small Texas town overrun by religious cultists and drug lords.

Naturally, Austin takes them all out singlehandedly. And yes, every fight — whether Austin was crash-landing a helicopter or firing arrows while riding a motorcycle — ended with some poor sap getting a Stone Cold Stunner.

There’s one strange thing about the comic, though. It’s hinted throughout the four-issue series that “The Corporation” is searching for Austin. Yet, we never get any confirmation that it was Mr. McMahon’s nefarious group that was hunting “Stone Cold” down – the series ends with a secret agent walking into town to scope out The Texas Rattlesnake, only to miss Austin and his black pickup truck heading out on the open road.

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