WWE's hometown heroes

Calgary, Alberta

These days, Calgary, Alberta, is as much a wrestling town as Cooperstown, N.Y., is a baseball town. WWE Hall of Famer Stu Hart established Stampede Wrestling in 1948, and began training wrestlers shortly thereafter in the basement of his Calgary home, commonly referred to as The Hart Dungeon. But Stu’s famous pupils weren’t just training in Alberta’s quaint oil city. They grew up there.

Watch Owen Hart and Ken Shamrock face off inside the legendary Dungeon

Stu, of course, is the patriarch of the legendary Hart family, which includes such luminaries as his sons Bret and Owen. All three members of The Hart Dynasty — Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith and Natalya — spent formative years in Calgary. In addition to the Harts, Calgary natives Bad News Brown and Lance Storm were trained in their home city, among others.

Storm was so proud of his hometown, he’d remind fans by slowly reciting it on WCW broadcasts. The former Intercontinental Champion has since settled back in Calgary where he trains the next generation of Albertans at the Storm Wrestling Academy.

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