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September 04, 2013



Jan. 4, 1999
One Giant Leap for Mankind
Silencing all of his critics, Mankind wins the WWE Championship from The Rock on Raw. On WCW, announcer Tony Schiavone gives the result away, dismissively adding: “That’ll put a lot of butts in seats.” The ploy backfires, as fans switch their televisions en masse to see The Hardcore Legend’s triumph.

Mar. 22, 1999
Beer Bath
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin drives a beer truck down the aisle on Raw and uses a fire hose to unleash an outpouring of ale on The Rock, Mr. McMahon and Shane. One of the defining moments of The Rattlesnake’s run, the incident is made all the better by the sight of The Chairman doing the breaststroke in a puddle of suds.

June 7, 1999
Power Play
On Raw, Mr. McMahon reveals himself to be the malevolent power behind his own daughter’s kidnapping, as well as the driving force behind all of Undertaker’s evil deeds. As payback, Linda McMahon turns the tables on The Chairman, making “Stone Cold” Steve Austin WWE’s new CEO.

Aug. 9, 1999
Millennium Man
For weeks, WWE fans watch as a cryptic clock ticks away on Raw. The countdown’s purpose remains a mystery until it hits zero and Chris Jericho debuts. Boldly interrupting The Rock, Y2J introduces himself as a cocky, fearless figure who isn’t afraid to make a statement. (WATCH)


Aug. 26, 1999
Laying the SmackDown
SmackDown airs its first official episode with WWE Champion Triple H successfully defending his title against The Rock in the main event. The show goes on to become the second-longest running weekly episodic television show ever. Take that, “Gunsmoke.”

Sept. 27, 1999
This is Your Life, Rock
Mankind hosts a retrospective of the life and times of The Great One on Raw. The Rock is visited by his high school home-economics teacher, former coach, ex-girlfriend and a clown named Yurple. (WATCH) Fans across the country tune in to witness the hilarity, making this the most-watched segment in the history of Raw.

Nov. 29, 1999
Wedding Crasher
Triple H breaks up Stephanie McMahon’s nuptials to Test by showing a video of himself pulling up to a drive-thru wedding chapel in Vegas and tying the knot with an unconscious Stephanie. Enraged at The Game, Mr. McMahon demands satisfaction at Armageddon, with the provision that, should Triple H lose, the marriage be annulled. The Game wins the bout — and Stephanie adds insult to injury by hugging her father’s rival! (MORE ABOUT ARMAGEDDON '99)

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