The ring's memorable Jewish Superstars

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November 27, 2013

One of those WWE fans who followed along with Barry’s success was a young Colt Cabana, the best friend of CM Punk who briefly competed in WWE as Scotty Goldman. Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, Cabana admired Horowitz’s rise to prominence.

“Horowitz was a common name where I grew up,” Colt told WWE Classics. “So when I saw Barry Horowitz on television, it really helped guide me to realizing my lifelong dream. If he could do it, then sure, a Jewish kid like me could do it.”

A longtime WWE fan, the former Superstar recalled his childhood as “your typical fun Jewish upbringing.”

“My mom makes an unbelievable potato latke. They’re out of this world. But to this day, she still believes I should have wrestled as The Hebrew Hunk,” he said with a laugh.

In fact, Cabana’s heritage directly led to him being able to fulfill his dream.

“I paid for my wrestling training with gifts from my bar mitzvah,” Cabana revealed. “But one of my only regrets in this world was not having a wrestling-themed bar mitzvah.”

Cabana, who was famously greeted by his WWE Champion pal during Punk’s notorious first “pipe bomb,” has incorporated the self-deprecating Jewish humor in his wrestling style and critically-acclaimed podcast. 

“I started realizing the power between being Jewish and comedy, which is a connection that goes back a long way in history,” Cabana said. “The Jewish people have always kept their spirits up through difficult times with self-deprecating comedy, and that’s what I try to do in the ring.”

Watch the comedy stylings of Scotty Goldman, a natural fit in the Catskills

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