The ring's memorable Jewish Superstars

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November 27, 2013

Another Superstar known for his Jewish heritage was the fan favorite Barry Horowitz. The Tampa, Fla., native entered the ring to the traditional Jewish folk song “Hava Nagila” and wore a Star of David on his trunks.

“My parents both spoke Hebrew and Yiddish and were full-blooded Jewish parents,” Horowitz told WWE Classics. “My mom had a menorah from Israel and special Hanukkah candles.”

Horowitz didn’t win as often as Goldberg. In fact, Horowitz developed a very different kind of streak with the zero on the other end. But that didn’t bother him. “There’s gotta be a winner, there’s gotta be a loser. Not everybody can be a Superstar,” Horowitz said.

He didn’t always have the Jewish-themed music and outfit. For a while, Barry’s surname did the talking. There was an unspoken assumption that WWE fans were aware of his heritage. It wasn’t until Horowitz started picking up victories that he truly embraced his cultural identity. His first big win came against Skip of The Bodydonnas, which instantly became one of WWE’s most memorable moments as Jim Ross declared, “Horowitz wins! Horowitz wins!”

Watch an underdog victory on par with Judah Maccabee

“I got a win on TV, beat Skip again at SummerSlam, I was captain of my Survivor Series team [The Underdogs] and was in the [1996] Royal Rumble Match,” Horowitz recalled. “I fulfilled my dream of putting on my boots and getting in the ring.”

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