Wrestling's biggest heartthrobs: Hot or not?

The Fantastics

Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton joined forces in the mid-1980s and took the territories by storm. The duo, known as The Fantastics, may have taken a small cue in the style department from The Fabulous Ones. Although fans may have noticed another team of attractive men showing up in sequin-covered jackets and bowties, shaking their booties like there was no tomorrow, they didn’t seem to care at all.

The Fantastics did battle across the country with Jim Cornette’s Midnight Express (WATCH), barnstorming through the Mid-South territory and World Class Championship Wrestling before bringing the heat to Jim Crockett Promotions. Female fans were reduced to tears as Cornette’s duo mercilessly whipped Rogers & Fulton with leather straps. That sadness would turn into joy when The Fantastics got their retribution, however, defeating The Midnight Express for the NWA United States Tag Team Titles.

Though ladies back then screamed themselves hoarse for The Fantastics, our Divas’ reaction was a little mixed.

After some hesitation, Kaitlyn said, “You know what? The jackets are what put it over the top for me. Anyone who can wear those and still be confident is my kind of guy.”

Though Rosa also admired Fulton & Rogers’ style, she thinks the tag team would have benefitted in trying to … fit the look a little better.

“They needed to do a little more cardio,” she said.

Natalya admired The Fantastics’ ring gear, but thinks they could tone it down a little. “The yellow kneepads, with the blue and silver, it’s a little busy, especially with the white boots,” the former Divas Champion explained.

Having sensed some reticence among the Divas, we’re going to say The Fantastics are NOT HOT.