Wrestling's biggest heartthrobs: Hot or not?

The Fabulous Ones

Part brawlers, part male models, there’s no doubt that Stan Lane & Steve Keirn (CATCH UP WITH KEIRN TODAY) drove women wild. The high-pitched screams that reverberated in arenas from Minnesota to Miami were deafening as the blond-haired pair made their way to the ring, hugging every lady lucky enough to sit in the front row.

When they weren’t busy battling the likes of The Road Warriors (WATCH) and The Sheepherders, the sharp-dressed men clad in sequins, top hats and suspenders could be found on the sets of photo and music video shoots. The shoots gave women an eyeful of The Fabs outside the ring, on the beach in Speedos, in a hot tub or hanging out shirtless in a barn. The all-out media assault made Lane and Keirn one of the most popular tandems — among women, at least — in the country.

But does our panel of Divas think The Fabulous Ones could still steal the hearts of women today?

“Wow, I need a glass of water,” Kaitlyn exclaimed when presented with some of Keirn and Lane’s steamier photos. “They’re dreamboats, oh my goodness.”

“They’re built in the front, stacked in the back,” Natalya said, though she did have one strike against The Fabs. “I thought Kaitlyn had bad hair dye; now I’m thinking The Fabulous Ones do.”

There was no hesitation in Rosa’s verdict. “Absolutely, yes,” she declared. “I love the tan, the blond hair and how lean they look. I love their style.”

In a unanimous decision, the Divas have determined that The Fabulous Ones are STILL HOT.