The chaotic chronicles of the Hardcore Championship

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November 01, 2012

Over the following year, legitimacy was restored to the Hardcore Championship. Steve Blackman, a man with a cold stare and martial arts prowess held the title for 50 days. It was the longest reign in nearly two years. And in one of the title’s greatest moments, Blackman faced none other than The Chairman’s son, Shane McMahon, for the championship at SummerSlam 2000. At the conclusion of the match, Shane toppled off the side of the event’s massive stage to the ground below, leaving an indelible image in the minds of WWE fans. (WATCH) The title was once again, without a doubt, hardcore. 

After the closing of both WCW and, more importantly, ECW, WWE gained an influx of veteran stars with hardcore experience. Mike Awesome, a former ECW Champion, made a shocking appearance on Raw in June 2001 and won the Hardcore Championship. (WATCH) He became the first member of the so-called Invasion to win a WWE-sanctioned title. Raven, one of the most diabolical competitors to step foot in other organizations, won the Hardcore Championship a record 26 times. The intense Rhyno, the final World and Television Champion of ECW’s original incarnation, had three significant reigns with the Hardcore Title. When beloved Extreme hero Tommy Dreamer won the title, he adorned it with a New York state license plate.

Arguably the most popular ECW competitor of all time, Rob Van Dam, had four reigns as Hardcore Champion, including one for three months in fall 2001. Van Dam was defeated by the legendary Phenom, The Undertaker, at Vengeance. (WATCH) The Deadman was one of the title’s most dominant champions during his two-month reign, and destroyed all competitors in his path until he was defeated by significant underdog Maven during a memorable bout on Raw. (WATCH)

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