The greatest technical wrestlers ever

William Regal on Daniel Bryan

WWE CLASSICS: Daniel Bryan seems to be this generation’s technical master. What makes him so special?

WILLIAM REGAL: First of all, he had a good mentor in me. And then he went and picked the brains of the best technical wrestlers around the world. He learned from Robbie Brookside and all the best wrestlers in Britain, all the best wrestlers in Japan. Then he took it to a level out of my realm with his jujitsu training and his grappling coach Neil [Melanson]. These are the people who are the best at what they do. He’s taken bits from every single one of us, which makes him better than everybody else.

WWE CLASSICS: Was he a natural from the start?

REGAL: That’s a real thing I have to get off my chest about this — there’s a reason the likes of me and him and Dean Malenko are considered great technical wrestlers. We’re not born with that skill. It’s because we spend more time learning it. We dedicate more of our lives to perfecting it and never stopping.

WWE CLASSICS: How difficult is it to become a master technician?

REGAL: It takes more work than most people are willing to put into it. There are a lot of people trying to do technical wrestling, but they have never actually been taught how to do it correctly. There’s a big difference between being a technical wrestler and doing loads of moves. There’s a hell of a difference.

WWE CLASSICS: So how does a competitor attain technical prowess?

REGAL: You can only learn that stuff by getting taught it, so you need to find somebody who is very skilled at it to teach you the nuances and the real detail of how to be a great technical wrestler. Johnny Saint was one of the great technical wrestlers from England, and all the young American wrestlers copy him, but none of them have actually trained with him. It’s a big difference. I watch them and I go, “Ugh!” It looks so horrible and out of place and they don’t really know what they’re doing.

WWE CLASSICS: Are there any Daniel Bryan matches the WWE Universe should check out to see technical wrestling done right?

REGAL: That incredible match with [CM] Punk at [WWE Over the Limit 2012]. Fantastic stuff. He just set a whole new standard. I hope everybody in WWE is watching.