The greatest technical wrestlers ever

What makes a great technical wrestler? Every sports-entertainment diehard thinks they know, but it’s difficult to understand the subtleties of the squared circle when the closest you’ve come to a wrestling ring is that time you scored third row tickets to a Raw live event. So the WWE Classics team did what any doe-eyed WWE neophyte does when they need an answer — we asked William Regal.

"A great technical wrestler is somebody who dedicates his time and energy to learning every nuance of why a hold hurts and how to apply it correctly to get the most benefit out of it,” the British master said. “It’s somebody that is never happy with the knowledge that they have and is always trying to come up with better ways to execute a hold.”

Great. We had our answer. But we weren’t satisfied. Like small children, we had more questions. What made Bret “Hit Man” Hart “The Excellence of Execution”? What allows Daniel Bryan to lay claim to being the best wrestler in the world? We needed to know, so we asked Dean Malenko, Tyson Kidd and every other Superstar in the locker room who could sheepshank our limbs if they didn’t have something better to do. Here’s what we found out.

(WATCH: The greatest technical matches)