The 10 best rookie years

#9 Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon had been doing odd jobs for his father’s company as far back as WrestleMania VI where he popped up as a referee, but the fortunate son didn’t have his first match until the tail end of ’98. Then a big talking member of Mr. McMahon’s Corporation, the young executive soon found himself trying to back up his loud mouth in the ring against serious opponents like X-Pac and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. WWE fans groaned at the sight of another non-wrestler stepping through the ropes, but they were soon shocked to find out that Shane-O-Mac was actually good. Really good. (WATCH)

Winning the European Championship from X-Pac in February of '99, Shane went on to defeat the DX member in a rematch at WrestleMania XV. From there, he teamed with his dad to beat The Texas Rattlesnake at King of the Ring and held his own against Test in a memorable brawl at SummerSlam.