Seven rare championships from the WWE vault

The Rock's "Brahma Bull" WWE Championship

Don’t recognize The Rock’s “Brahma Bull” variation of the WWE Title? That’s not surprising. The championship which was designed as The Great One’s answer to The Texas Rattlesnake’s “Smoking Skull” title never appeared on Raw. And, according to a story that’s spread across the internet, it’s because The Rock’s championship was lost in the mail before it could be revealed.

If that was the case, then what the hell had Benjamin Brown been lugging around to show off at WWE Axxess events across the country? WWE’s archivist set out to investigate, but leads went nowhere and the WWE mailroom kept mum. Finally, he turned to his good friend Ata Johnson aka The Rock’s mother. The Most Electrifying Mom in All of Entertainment reached out to her son and reported back that the “lost in the mail” story was untrue. According to The Great One, the title never appeared on television for creative reasons. Instead, the “Brahma Bull” championship was stashed away at WWE HQ where it waited for more than a decade to make its debut here on (PHOTOS)