Seven rare championships from the WWE vault

WCW Tag Team Championship

It took the better part of an afternoon to unravel the mystery behind the sole WCW Tag Team Championship Ben Brown found hiding in the WWE archives. At first, Brown assumed the title came over during the 2001 WCW “Invasion” of WWE when teams like Booker T & Test and The Hardy Boyz competed for the Atlanta organization’s championships on Raw. But when looking through old photos, it became clear that those titles were similar, but bigger and bulkier than the version we had. (PHOTOS)

And then Buff Bagwell’s mom sprang to mind. Earlier this year, WWE Classics did a feature recognizing “absurd champions” like former WCW Tag Team Champion Judy Bagwell. (WATCH) An image we uncovered of Mrs. Bagwell wearing our championship helped us realize that our title was introduced to WCW in 1998. At that time, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall were clashing with The Steiner Brothers over the tag titles. After losing the championships in controversial fashion, The Outsiders claimed they were still the rightful champs and introduced these titles in an act of defiance. When Hall & Nash beat The Steiners, their new championships were officially recognized. As for how one of the titles ended up in Stamford, Conn.? Maybe Judy Bagwell knows.