Exclusive interview: Bruno Sammartino and Triple H discuss WWE Hall of Fame

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February 06, 2013

WWECLASSICS.COM: Triple H, what can current Superstars on the roster learn from Bruno?

TRIPLE H: When you look back at somebody like Bruno, it’s like looking back at the consummate professional. It’s tough today, and has been for a while, to be a star and to have the right mentality of what being in that position means and what it requires of you. In Bruno, you see a guy who lived up to that moniker of being a role model in every single way. That’s an important lesson for talent. It’s not just about you and your career; it’s about how you live your life. That’s a very important part of success. That’s something they definitely can learn.

WWECLASSICS.COM: Why is it so important for current Superstars to understand the history of WWE?

TRIPLE H: I’m a big believer in stepping back in time. Even when I was coming up in the business, and this comes from learning from Kowalski, I didn’t really watch the guys that were current. I watched the guys that came before me. I watched the Brunos, I watched the Kowalskis, I watched the Harley Races, the Backlunds, the Flairs — guys in generations that were before me. The business was different, but the fundamentals were sounder. There’s something to be learned in that for everybody. I feel like there’s a disconnect now. Everybody just wants to be a highlight reel. Nobody wants to have substance. They just want to be that moment in time when a guy flies off a cage. And that’s not really what our business is about. That’s an important lesson for talent to learn.

WWECLASSICS.COM: Do you think Superstars will be able to connect with Bruno?

TRIPLE H: That’s one of the reasons why I’m excited to have Bruno back in WWE. I’m hoping he can instill some of that when meeting and being around the talent in the coming years. It’s one thing to watch a video of somebody you’ve never met. It’s another thing to meet them and hear their stories. I’m jazzed up just sitting here. I feel like a little kid listening to Bruno talk about all these opponents and Shea Stadium. It makes me want to get a DVD and start watching Bruno matches. But if the talent meets him and talks to him, it leads to them wanting to find out more and wanting to learn that history. To me, that’s where the business needs to be. It needs to step back in time, not forward in time, to learn from the past. To me, that’s what will make it better.

WWECLASSICS.COM: Bruno, we’ve already talked about your history at Madison Square Garden, but what are you expecting the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony to be like? What will it mean to you to step out onto that stage and hear the reaction from the Madison Square Garden crowd one more time?

BRUNO: As far as the crowd, I don’t know what to expect. As we mentioned, I won the title from Buddy Rogers 50 years ago. How many of those people that will be in the Garden were even around 50 years ago? [laughs] So I don’t know what to expect from the fans. But for me, yeah, at this stage of my life, to have this opportunity to appear one more time in Madison Square Garden where I have such a history and have such fond memories of, it’s such a thrill. To be honored with the WWE Hall of Fame, I cannot put into words how big it is for me.


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