The evolution of Trish Stratus

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February 27, 2013

True romance

In late 2003, Trish began dating the nefarious Chris Jericho. Y2J’s tag team partner at the time, Christian, just happened to be courting Stratus’ on-again/off-again rival, Lita. Stratus had no reason to be suspicious of Jericho, until she overheard Y2J and Christian going over a bet they had made. Whoever could successfully woo their respective Diva would win one dollar (Canadian, of course.).

Jericho, however, began to develop real feelings for the blond bombshell. The love was seemingly mutual until WrestleMania XX, when Stratus accidentally cost Jericho his match against Captain Charisma, then set him up for a post-match beatdown at Christian’s hands.

If that wasn’t bad enough for Jericho, Stratus kicked him once more while he was down, sharing a passionate smooch with Christian in front of the sold-out Madison Square Garden. (WATCH)

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