The evolution of Trish Stratus

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February 27, 2013

Stratusfaction guaranteed

A highly sought after fitness model, Trish Stratus had plenty of buzz when she signed with WWE. Just what did the beauty have in her plans for her venture into sports-entertainment? It didn’t take long for the WWE Universe to find out.

Trish showed up unannounced on the March 19, 2000, edition of Sunday Night Heat, scoping out a contest between Test and Gangrel. The two brutes couldn’t help but be distracted by the blonde watching them from afar. Eventually, Test was able to capitalize on the distraction and pick up the win, while Trish smiled from the ramp. Later that night, she did the same during a bout between Albert and Joey Abs of The Mean Street Posse. With Joey Abs sidetracked by Stratus, Albert easily won.

The next night on Raw, Trish accompanied Test to ringside for his match against Val Venis. When The Big Valbowski attacked Test after the match, Albert ran down to take out the controversial Superstar. Stratus then spoke for the first time. The WWE Universe hung on her every word as she introduced Test and Albert as her charges. The two massive brawlers towered over her as she assured the world that they would dominate WWE.

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