The complex history of WWE's era of unification

The unification of the WWE Intercontinental Championship and WCW United States Championship

After the Light Heavyweight/Cruiserweight debacle, the next attempt at streamlining the championship picture went far more smoothly.

Survivor Series 2001 was presented as a “Winner Take All” event, and was the official ending to the Invasion that had dominated WWE throughout the summer and autumn. Two weeks before the event, Edge – the recently crowned King of the Ring – lost the WWE Intercontinental Championship to Test on Raw. One week later, Edge won the WCW United States Championship and then defeated Test at Survivor Series to unify the titles.

With WCW’s demise at the event, the 26-year-history of the United States Championship was retired in favor of WWE’s Intercontinental Title. But as much of the WWE Universe knows, that was not the last time fans would see the United States Championship.