The complex history of WWE's era of unification

The unification of the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship and WCW Cruiserweight Championship

The first attempt to condense the number of titles in WWE did not go quite as easily as planned. On the July 30, 2001, edition of Raw, X-Pac, the WWE Light Heavyweight Champion, defeated Billy Kidman, the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, to unify the two titles. X-Pac lost the Light Heavyweight Championship to Tajiri on the very next edition of Raw, but unified the titles once again by defeating The Japanese Buzzsaw at SummerSlam.

The championships were united for nearly two months until Billy Kidman regained the Cruiserweight Title and then promptly lost it to Tajiri. The intense grappler from the Far East was set to face X-Pac to merge the titles once and for all at Survivor Series, but X-Pac went on the shelf with an injury and the bout was canceled. When WCW disbanded following Survivor Series, X-Pac’s Light Heavyweight Championship was abandoned in favor of Tajiri’s Cruiserweight Title – a championship with a significantly richer lineage – which adopted the WWE name.