What if ECW didn't close? Insiders tell all

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May 15, 2013

WWECLASSICS.COM: What would fans have seen in the ring if that show on USA had happened?

STYLES: The biggest story was always going to be Rob Van Dam finally winning the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. When Guilty as Charged 2001 went off the air, Rhyno, our new monster, was the ECW Champion. So Rob Van Dam versus Rhyno was going to lead us into the next chapter of ECW if there was a next chapter on another television network.

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RHYNO: I was ECW Television Champion and the ECW Heavyweight Champion at the same time and Van Dam never held the Heavyweight Title. There were a lot of Detroit Red Wings players that were ECW fans. I think there was going to be a big show in Detroit with some of the Wings players involved, because Van Dam was from Battle Creek, Mich. It probably would have been a good six months before the Detroit show.

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HEYMAN: We always held off RVD’s chase and pursuit of the World Title as the “holy grail” for us to offer the widest possible audience that we could. The main [focus] of 2001 would have been RVD’s first pursuit of the ECW World Title and the obstacles that would be placed in his way en route to the one-on-one Rob Van Dam versus Rhyno match for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

DREAMER: I wanted to create this T-shirt that always kept getting put on the back burner. It was when Absolut Vodka was doing all of those cool ads. I wanted to do Absolute Extreme and have an aerial picture of the ECW ring with fire, tables, chairs — all that stuff. That T-shirt probably would’ve been a really cool seller.

CORINO: Justin Credible and I were going to start a new Impact Players with Jack Victory and Francine by our side. It’s 12 years later, so who knows, but the last interview you see on the last ECW show was me, Justin, Francine and Jack Victory forming a new Impact Players.

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LYNN: I was going to move forward as a villain with Cyrus. It was fun. We were starting to build some steam. Cyrus and I had some good chemistry and it had always been one of my goals to be the villain with such a strong reaction that I needed security going to and from the ring.

HEYMAN: There were a lot of different concepts that we were considering, but the sword of Damocles hanging over the existence of the company was something that we had to address before we got into Rob Van Dam winning the championship.

DREAMER: I know eventually I would have become a villain in ECW.

RHYNO: That would’ve made all the sense in the world.

HEYMAN: Never. If Tommy feels otherwise, I vehemently and publicly disagree with that assessment. The allure of Tommy Dreamer’s persona was that he was a martyr. The charm of his martyrdom was that his righteousness was challenged by his bitterness. The moment Tommy became more bitter than righteous, it would immediately lose its appeal. That’s why the audience could accept and worship a hero who rarely ever won a match.

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