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August 14, 2013

Paul [Heyman] started a side company called World Wrestling Network and Jim Crockett was his partner. We had one television taping in February 1994 at the Manhattan Center. I wrestled “Cowboy” Bob Orton.

Paul was supposed to use ECW’s TV production crew and have financial backing from Jim Crockett. Paul and Crockett were going to try to take it national. Paul was going to run the wrestling side of things and Crockett was going to run the business. [ECW Founder and Owner] Tod [Gordon] was going ballistic that Paul was going to leave ECW and take Public Enemy, Tazz, myself and Joey Styles. ECW was still sort of indie. Paul was, of course, going, “No, no, no, we’ll still be here, too.” But if that thing had worked, there would never have been an ECW.

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