The true story of the ECW relaunch

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December 18, 2012

Still, the crew of ECW Originals plugged on toward One Night Stand, with the hope of putting on a show that was unique enough to appeal to the faithful devotees of the original ECW that were sure to tune in, while attracting a new generation of fans. Before the show even hit the air, it was apparent that was going to be a challenge.

Heyman: I thought, if left to carve its own niche, we could create a new style, using some unseen new talent rubbing up against the few handpicked WWE Superstars we’d move over to the new ECW. We had a legitimate chance to create an authentic style that had a fighting chance.

Dreamer: That night, I thought it was great. Behind the scenes, I could see the signs that this was going to become more of a WWE project. We were starting to get a little “Hey, don’t do this, don’t do that,” when in the original ECW, we had freedom.

Styles: One Night Stand 2005, to me, felt like I was with the original ECW. Fast forward a year, we’re back in the Hammerstein Ballroom and I’m watching [producers] run through The Sandman’s entrance. I don’t know what else I could say to drive home the point that this was a bad marriage. The Sandman’s entrance couldn’t be more anti-WWE. It was never rehearsed. It was a real life barroom brawler, who happened to become a wrestler, walking through the fans because he was one of them. 

Richards: One Night Stand [2006] captured the feeling that made all the guys who were part of it or even watching think that they were going to make this an alternative-type product under the WWE umbrella. Obviously, we couldn’t go as far as we did in the original ECW, but it seemed like that feel and environment was going to be reinstated.

Styles: What really stood out was the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Rey Mysterio and Sabu. It ended in a No Contest when both of them went through a table. That’s not ECW. That would never happen in ECW, unless you fell off the top of the Hammerstein Ballroom, through the table, on the concrete. (WATCH)

Heyman: My gut feeling was always that it should have ended with the 2005 One Night Stand, although Rob Van Dam beating John Cena for the WWE Title (WATCH) made all the sense for the second One Night Stand, but because the original crew was so much older and the business itself had moved on from what the legend of ECW had become, it was doomed to fail.

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