The forgotten stars of ECW

CW Anderson

A baseball standout in high school, CW Anderson was drafted by the San Diego Padres, but declined minor league seasoning to attend college. After getting an education, Anderson was trained by the famed WCW Power Plant and later joined The Hardy Boyz's OMEGA wrestling organization. While at the Power Plant, WWE Hall of Famers JJ Dillon and Paul Orndorff told Anderson that he did not possess the necessary skills to become a successful professional wrestler.

"I was always a fan of CW Anderson's work ethic," Paul Heyman told WWE Classics. "Here was yet another example of someone who could not get a break in WWE or WCW because he didn't have monstrous size or political connections."

Anderson joined ECW in 1999 and quickly became involved in one of the organization's most high-profile groups when Heyman look-alike Lou E. Dangerously formed the New Dangerous Alliance.

"He was a top-notch performer who could have a great match and could tear down the house with anybody," Heyman extolled. That was proven in Anderson's rivalry with Tommy Dreamer. After legendary battles with The Sandman, Raven and nearly every other villain who ever stepped foot in the ECW Arena, it was Anderson who ended up being Dreamer's final adversary in the original ECW. The North Carolina native defeated Dreamer in New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom at Massacre on 34th Street, ECW's penultimate pay-per-view event.

"It's funny to me that CW Anderson considers ECW to be the biggest break of his career," Heyman said. "Because I always thought we were the lucky ones to be able to use him."