ECW's 25 most must-see matches

Shane Douglas vs. 2 Cold Scorpio (Aug. 27, 1994)

“We didn’t know that Shane Douglas was going to throw down the title. Neither did the NWA,” Joey Styles said of the night when "The Franchise" won the NWA Title and then proceeded to reject the championship in the name of ECW. “The deal was that ECW was going to help the NWA return to its former glory, because we were planning on expanding to national television and we’d take the NWA with us. But there had been a lot of problems between us and NWA New Jersey where they called the fire marshal over us packing the ECW Arena and ran shows against us. Basically, (ECW owner) Paul (Heyman) came up with this plan. Now I know the NWA still exists, but whatever was left of the NWA was finished when Shane Douglas threw down the title and said the organization died seven years ago and proclaimed himself the ECW Champion of the world.”